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Q: Do you have to qualify to attend CHEERSPORT Nationals?
A: We do not require that teams qualify or attend other CHEERSPORT events to attend our Nationals.

Q: When will you post the competition schedule?
A: Please visit the Save The Date page to see posting dates and times.

Q: What is CHEERSPORT's policy on personal video taping and photography?
A: Video cameras and flash photography are strictly prohibited at CHEERSPORT's Nationals. Please visit the Inside Nationals page for information on the official videographer and photographer for our Nationals.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about the competition schedule?
A: An email will be sent to the gym concerning the competition schedule, at that time you can reply only to that email with questions.

Q: How do I sign-up for a "Friday Practice" time?
A: Information will be emailed out prior to Nationals.

Q: What kind of concessions are available at Nationals?
A: A variety of vendors offer "standard" convention hall type food in the competition arenas and throughout the building. Adjacent to the GWCC, the CNN Center lobby features a food court with counter service and sit-down restaurants.

Q: Does CHEERSPORT provide spotters?
A: With the increasing complex and dynamic routines that teams perform, having someone on the floor that is not intimately familiar with the routine creates a more unsafe environment for both the spotter and the competitors than would exist otherwise. CHEERSPORT's official policy is that there can be no spotters, CHEERSPORT or otherwise, on the competition floor at Nationals for any divisions except Special Needs.

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