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CHEERSPORT follows the USASF rules and guidelines for all of our cheer and dance divisions. Please visit the USASF website to view the official USASF glossary, general safety guidelines and level rules.

General Rules & Safety:

General rules regarding routines, music, event conduct and the current USASF level guidelines can be found at USASF Cheer Rules and USASF Dance Rules. If you have any questions regarding rules, please email: or


Each division is defined by age, skill level as determined by LevelPlay, the number of males allowed and the total number of team members allowed. The divisions offered are compliant with USASF division guidelines.

View Nationals Divisions This file is a PDF.

Occasionally, divisions may be split, combined or removed at the discretion of the Nationals Competition Director in order to promote the best competition atmosphere. In the instance of a division split, we use various unbiased, nonsubjective methods (team sizes, day of registration, etc...) to divide the teams fairly into equally sized new divisions.

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