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For our National Cheerleading & Dance Championship in Atlanta, GA, CHEERSPORT holds a raffle to distribute rental rights to rooms at a select group of hotels in the immediate vicinity of the GWCC. The raffle is open to any and every team planning to attend the 2014 Nationals.

The Room Raffle for the 2014 Nationals has closed.

Why Do A Room Raffle?

We've chosen to offer a raffle to try to ensure that more organizations at least have a shot at getting a block of rooms in the 'choice' hotels. This is also why we've attached each 'entry' to blocks of 10 rooms.

Our goal is to give as many organizations as possible the chance to have at least some percentage or group from their organization a chance to stay at these hotels. How you use your block is totally up to you - you can put coaches, team parents, a team or Uncle Ned from Wyoming in your block, it's totally up to you. We just want everyone to have a fair shot at getting these rooms.

Hotel List

The following hotels are included in the room raffle. The approximate proximity of the hotels to the GWCC is indicated in parenthesis.

  Omni (adjacent)
  Westin (3-1/2 blocks)
  Hyatt (4-1/2 blocks)
  W Hotel Downtown (5 blocks)
  Hilton Hotel (5-1/2 blocks)
  Marriott Marquis (5-1/2 blocks)

How to Purchase An "Entry"

Each "entry" to the raffle requires a $1000 deposit to CHEERSPORT. These deposits are payable via business check, cashiers check or money order.

The entry fees will be applied as a deposit against each teams registration for that seasons Nationals. As a deposit for Nationals, these monies will fall under the same payment and refund guidelines as all Nationals payments and are fully refundable up until January 1, 2014. Please note that if you do request a refund of this deposit money you will be required to forfeit your rental rights to the room block you were awarded.

Deposits are due by 5pm on June 7th. No 'entry' will be awarded after this deadline. Payment should be mailed to CHEERSPORT at:

  Attn: Room Raffle
  11010-B Monroe Rd
  Matthews, NC 28105

Announcing The Winners

Between June 17th and 28th, a representative from Connections will contact the raffle winners in order of the drawing. They will first try to contact you via phone and then via e-mail. In order to ensure the best selection for all winners, they will hold your initial 10 room block for 24 hours. If they do not receive a response from you within 24 hours they may release your initial 10 room block to another winner. While you will still maintain rights to 10 rooms at one of the hotels participating in the raffle, you will have the best chance of getting rooms in the hotel of your choice if you do respond quickly.

Hotel Reservation Timeline

May 2nd - Room Raffle opens at 12pm.

June 7th - Deposits for entry to the room raffle must be received by 5pm.

June 17th - The raffle will take place. Winning teams will be notified within 10 business days.

August 17th - Our housing service will begin accepting room reservations for Nationals attendees who did not participate in the Room Raffle.

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