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Update 5-1-2014
Dear Gym Owners and Coaches, Thank you for attending our 2014 National Championship. We always appreciate your support, but we are particularly appreciative this year given the challenges many of you endured due to the weather. We sincerely hope that you will attend our 2015 Nationals and to that end want to provide you information concerning our housing policy.

As you know, we implemented a “Stay to Play” policy for the first time in 2014 and we appreciate your support of this important initiative. As a result of the success we had with this new policy we are able to use many services that the city of Atlanta offers as well as getting lower prices at all the Atlanta area hotels, due to our collective buying power. As a result of your participation and commitment to CHEERSPORT, we were able to once again confirm our status as a “City-wide Convention” and we have the ability to book virtually the entire space at the George World Convention Center years in advance. This allows us to confirm more teams and hopefully reduce the time of the competition hours each day. Our "City-wide" status will also be a powerful leveraging tool when negotiating room rates at ALL of the Atlanta area hotels in the future.

The “Stay to Play” policy will be used again in 2015. The 2015 CHEERSPORT Nationals will be held in Atlanta February 13-15. The “Stay to Play” housing policy requires that all teams (including participants, coaches, and spectators) book reservations though Connections Housing Travel, the official and only housing company authorized to book housing for groups attending the 2015 CHEERSPORT Nationals. Remember, it is this policy that confirmed our "City-wide Convention" status and maintaining that status will hinge on our compliance with this policy. We sincerely appreciate your adherence to this housing policy and understanding that it be strictly enforced.

    There will be a new, online process for submitting Exception Forms. The only exceptions that will be considered this year will be individuals staying with family members that live within the Atlanta area. Exception forms must be submitted by October 15, 2014 and they will be approved by November 5, 2014. This form will be available soon.

    Housing Compliance Rosters will also be available for submission online. These will be due by November 15, 2014. We have worked with Connections to make the submission process much easier for individuals that have booked rooms through Connections. This form will be available soon.

  • OMNI CNN Center
    We have also implemented a new policy for bookings at the Omni. All programs that attended CHEERSPORT Nationals in 2014 will have the opportunity to book three (3) rooms at the Omni. If you’d like to reserve rooms then you must book them by May 15.

  • 2015 CHEERSPORT ‘Stay to Play’ Deadlines
    · May 1, 2014 – Housing opening date for team blocks
    · May 15, 2014 – Deadline for 2014 CHEERSPORT Nationals teams to book their rooms at the Omni.
    · August 1, 2014 – Housing opening date for individuals
    · October 1, 2014 – Team Rooming List/Reservations due for the Omni
    · October 15, 2014 – Team Rooming List/Reservations due for all other hotels
    · October 15, 2014 – Housing Exception Form deadline
    · November 5, 2014 – Housing Exception Form approval/denial date
    · November 15, 2014 – Housing Compliance Rosters due

  • If you haven’t already contacted Connections Housing to set up a block please do so as soon as possible. They can be contacted by phone at 702-675-6532 or by email at

    For all questions or for individual reservations please email or call 855-632-4337.

    We look forward to another amazing event!


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